Are You A Humor #Writer?

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Pull Up a Chair & Have A Cup Of Coffee!

Let’s talk about humor.

I’m looking for humor writers and stand-up comics of all stripes. is kicking off it’s story budget for the summer. This means I’ll be profiling writers who are working in my favorite media – humor.

Here’s how it will work. I’ve been surveying the work of writers I like, both established and up-and-coming folks. I want to interview you and feature your work. My goal is to build a community of artists. I’d like us to be able to share techniques about the craft and help promote one another’s work. Eventually, I’ll be putting together a humor conference. But that will come after I’ve rounded up a convivial team.

If you’re an aspiring writer, but have yet to begin, you, too, should contact me. I’m going to match up writers who are at comparable places in their careers in writing groups.  Together, we’ll be assembling helpful resources. Check back for book and software reviews and tips from the professionals. I also have a collection of my notes from various writing conferences and will be sharing summaries of writing tips that relate to specific genres — children’s literature, mystery, romance, westerns and such — so long as they touch on humor, too.

And if you have a need or interest that’s not being addressed, then drop something in the suggestion box.

If this interest you, please contact me at robb @ (omit the spaces). Let me know about about the sort of humor you write, where it appears, and what most interest you. Much of what I’ve been up to so far is family-oriented humor about raising the kids out here in the sticks. I’ve also recently released a humor book about my hyperactive childhood.

I hope to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.


Goodreads Giveaway – Problem Child

Problem Child cover art humor book about an ADHD childhood written by Robb Lightfoot

Check out Goodreads to have a chance at your personalized copy of Problem Child – The View From The Principal’s Office. The contest runs from May 7 to June 15th, and 25 paperbacks are up for grabs.

This book is a collection of 25 tall tales of a hyperactive childhood. You’ll learn why school is NOT like a game show where the person who rings in first wins, and you’ll get a quick nine-step tutorial on how to wiggle out of trouble when caught red-handed.

Many of these tales happened exactly as described (spoiler alert – when a semi-clad woman breaks a yardstick over your head, it hurts), others are a compilation of pranks and shenanigans that have grown to epic proportions in the retelling of the Lightfoot family narrative.

And yes, there’s a whopper or two in there. Email the author at [email protected] and he can give you a truthiness rating.

If you miss getting a free copy, you can still get an ebook or paperback at Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo,  Barnes and Noble or an independent bookseller near you.