Goodreads Giveaway – Problem Child

Problem Child cover art humor book about an ADHD childhood written by Robb Lightfoot

Check out Goodreads to have a chance at your personalized copy of Problem Child – The View From The Principal’s Office. The contest runs from May 7 to June 15th, and 25 paperbacks are up for grabs.

This book is a collection of 25 tall tales of a hyperactive childhood. You’ll learn why school is NOT like a game show where the person who rings in first wins, and you’ll get a quick nine-step tutorial on how to wiggle out of trouble when caught red-handed.

Many of these tales happened exactly as described (spoiler alert – when a semi-clad woman breaks a yardstick over your head, it hurts), others are a compilation of pranks and shenanigans that have grown to epic proportions in the retelling of the Lightfoot family narrative.

And yes, there’s a whopper or two in there. Email the author at [email protected] and he can give you a truthiness rating.

If you miss getting a free copy, you can still get an ebook or paperback at Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo,  Barnes and Noble or an independent bookseller near you. – We’ve Moved - funny picture of a snail

Humor Relocation – A Slow Process Indeed

Just a quick heads-up from to let you know I’ve moved the domain over to another server and tucked the online classrooms into cyber-crawlspace. 🙂

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I’m reworking my approach, and in addition to book reviews and writing tips, I plan on offering interviews, guest posts, and (soon) pod-casting. I think you’ll like these changes. Please let me know.

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