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Thinking Funny thinkingfunny.com sick wooden figure

Thinking Funny thinkingfunny.com sick wooden figure

Today ended early. Or, more precisely, it was a non-starter. Karin is sick. 🙁  So, our weekend outings were scratched, and I was fund my own fun. I’ve spent much of the day looking for funny blogs, and I’m going to share a bit of what I found. I invite you to share back with me, so I can “bank” uplifting reading material.

I don’t want to wallop you with it all at once, so here’s a slow start, a small sample-plate, of what I found:

I began by starting with known-funny writers, such as Andy Borowitz. When I typed in www.andyborowitz.com, here is what I got: https://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report

Yeah, I was fobbed on onto the New Yorker website. I must say I was a bit disappointed because I already subscribe to the New Yorker, and I had hoped–FAINT HOPES–of seeing something beyond the stuff I’m already paying for.

In other words, I was looking for freebie funnies. No luck.

But on the upside, if you hang around the site long enough, you get a pop-up message to subscribe to the Borowitz report. That is worth reading, and I am now happy.

Image of Andy Borowitz taken from his Wikipedia posting - thinkingfunny thinking funny thinkingfunny.com

If you are of a mind to buy something Andy wrote, check this out his humor anthology on Amazon. (shameless pandering alert – affiliate link!) Being a big fan of his writing, I can say that this book sounds promising.

Still, I needed a bit more than just some Andy-isms, looking for something different, I bopped around Twitter a bit, scrounging around with hastags, and I came up with this:

Photo from Stephanie-Verni's Amazon author page

Stephani Verni at her website, https://stephsscribe.com/  I like this site, but I have to admit, it’s more interesting, and heart warming and real, than flat-out funny. But worth looking at. She also is an award-winning author–check this book out.  I found her Twitter feed to be a fun collection of things that I liked even more. I suppose this proves it’s sometimes easier to curate other people’s stuff than to be breathtakingly creative on your own, day after day.

I guess that’s the stunt I’m pulling here. 🙂

More blogging later, going to tend to Karin at the moment.


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