A Personal Epiphany from Accounting – I am a “supply”

Robb Lightfoot mug shot

Robb Lightfoot mug shot

A personal epiphany courtesy the accounting office.


I was looking at instructions on how to file paperwork related to supplies. Since it as apparently unclear to many people what constitutes a “supply,” a definition was provided:
Consider the following to determine a supply. If the answer is yes to any of the questions, it’s a supply:
1.      Does the item lose its original shape and appearance with use?
2.      Is it consumable, with a normal useful life of less than one year?
3.      Is it easily broken, damaged, or lost in normal use?
4.      Is it usually more feasible to replace it with an entirely new unit than to repair it?
5.      Is it an inexpensive item?


I have decided that they should move my salary to the supply budget, because apart from item #2 (and the jury is still out on that one), I meet all the criteria above. Ergo, I am a “supply.” 
Helpful to know your place in the institutional food-chain.
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