John Vorhaus an Excellent Comedy Teacher – #Shoutout

John Vorhaus padded to 350 mug shot

I have written and studied #comedy for years, and I wanted to give a shoutout to one of the best comedy and #humor teachers you’ll ever meet: John Vorhaus.

John knows his comedy-writing craft, and better yet, he knows how to teach. I first met him at a comedy-writing class at UCLA, and since then I’ve kept in touch with him and continued to buy his books. They’re noted below. And if you ever get a chance to take one of his face-to-face classes, jump on the opportunity. You will not be disappointed. He has a process that is specific and that will get you writing. You CAN learn to be funnier, and John does the best job of showing you how of any teacher I’ve had, and I’ve take a dozen writing classes from the likes of Danny Simons (Neil Simon’s older brother), and the late-great, Mike Price, stand-up comedian and script-doctor to the stars.

Here are a handful of John’s books. These images are clickable, associate links that will take you to Enjoy!


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