Latinas In Action – My Salute To Young Leaders

Robb Lightfoot photo of a campfire - taken during National Public Lands Day October 2017


Most of you who know me know that I love to kid around, but once in a while I do settle down and act like a grown-up.

This is one of those times.

I encourage to you check out an impressive group of young women who are on their way to being movers and shakers. They are the “LIAs” — Latinas In Action. You can read about them, in their own words, on their Facebook and Web pages, but I wanted to do my part to put in a plug for them. I’m so impressed with their positive attitude and dedication towards personal growth–not just their own, mind you–that I decided to make them the focus of one of my graduate school projects.

On their behalf, I’ve launched a IndieGoGo campaign, and I’m organizing an event to celebrate their growth into an organization to be reckoned with. This coming weekend, somewhere between 40-50 LIAs will be camping out at their leadership retreat, where the more experienced leaders bring their younger counterparts on board. This is a particularly important time because many of the women who launched this organization will be graduating.

It’s my goal to help capture some of these stories, and to encourage them to do likewise. Hence the photo festival portion of this event.

Whether or not you decide to support them financially, do follow them on Facebook. I think you’ll see that they are an impressive group, and I expect great things from them.

Here’s the link to their the IndieGoGo campaign to underwrite the photo festival. For more information contact me at



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