Our THINKINGFUNNY(tm) Granted!

Been bogged down with graduate school, but I’m still working to get the business end of things up and running. 🙂

Here’s what I got in the mail yesterday, the first of three planned applications. 🙂 I have to file one for the books and print materials, another for services for the website, and a third will be filed when I get some recordings in the can and up on Audible.com.

In related news, I filed for my retirement from teaching, and that will allow me more time to work on my own humor writing and, with my degree-in-the-works, promote the work of other writers. I am especially interested in staging humor retreats and workshops and expanding the humor offerings of existing conferences.

Drop me a line at my mailing address, ThinkingFunny.com, Robb Lightfoot, PO Box 5286, Chico, CA 95928.




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