Erma Bombeck Workshop Starts Today

It’s not too late to register for the bi-annual event. This year there are more than 30 workshops over the three days, Thursday through Saturday. The event is virtual this year, on CrowdCast, and that means you can go back and watch sessions you missed. Neat.

Here’s the link to the event’s website.

This is my first year as an attendee, but I’ve been fortunate to win an honorable mention in the Erma Bombeck writing competition, and a second award for the Nickie’s Humor Writing Prize. The theme this year was “Sister Stories.” I’m also going live, “on stage,” with a 2-minute standup, and I’m in the mix for their pitch fest to see if I can interest an agent in one of my books.

So, despite my disappointment at not being able meet-and-mingle, I’m still getting a lot out of this, and I think you might, too. The cost was reduced, since it is virtual, and I think that was a class act. They’ve also opened it up beyond the 400 slots that were opened in December. Those sold out in hours, and I had to pounce on the entry to get in back then. Of course, I still have my airline tickets–the event was originally going off in April–and who knows if I’ll ever get to use those….

Check it out, or if you can’t, drop back by here to get an account of some of the things I learned and the people I met.