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Our Thanks to the San Francisco Writers Conference – #SFWC

It’s no secret that the San Francisco Writers Conference has a special place is many people’s hearts. It’s more than a collection of outstanding classes and valuable resources. It’s also a community of people who care deeply about supporting one another.

It’s fitting that we give them our thanks for not only promoting this particular conference, through their newsletter, but also in that its leadership, past and present, graciously allowed ThinkingFunny’s Director Robb Lightfoot to do a deep dive behind the scenes to see just what makes the SFWC tick. Lightfoot’s master’s thesis in Event Management focused on the 2019 conference, and he interviewed and surveyed its leaders, presenters, volunteers, vendors, and attendees. The resulting work was a 153-page scholarly work titled: Creating Community: The San Francisco Writers Conference – A Grounded Theory Study. The upshot of it all is seen in the title. To attend the SFWC is to become part of a very special writing community. I encourage you, if you can only attend one conference, to attend theirs!

If you haven’t checked out the SFWC yet, you should. You can sign up for the free newsletter, edited by the talented Barbara Santos, by clicking here. And you can see what’s in the works with their various workshops and the conference itself by clicking here.


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