Our THINKINGFUNNY(tm) Granted!

Been bogged down with graduate school, but I’m still working to get the business end of things up and running. 🙂 Here’s what I got in the mail yesterday, the first of three planned applications. 🙂 I have to file one for the books and print materials, another for services for the website, and a […]

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The Story-Idea Mill

Humor Journal – 4-27-2018 I know I should be writing this week’s humor column, but I have no idea what to write. It’s easier to just put up my feet and read The Funny Times over morning at breakfast: Coffee, apple slices, coffee, pieces of cheese, and more coffee. Maybe I’ll get an idea if […]

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How Not to Name Your Dog

The Title of this column was going to be “Getting Lucky,” but I thought it might arose prurient hopes that, alas, would go begging. No, this is about how our dog went for an entire day without a name. As I’d mentioned in an earlier column, Karin has been searching the web for another dog […]

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