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Volunteer Recognition

Two quick questions about volunteer recoginition: 1. What motivates you to volunteer? 2. What sort of reward, apart from the satisfaction of a job-well-done, do you most appreciate to be recognized for your volunteer efforts? If you could drop me a line by commenting here or emailing robb@robblightfoot.com. I’m working on brainstorming ideas as a […]

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Problem Child book cover in horizontal format for ThinkingFunny.com

Welcome “The Problem Child” hyperactivity humor

Hello all If you enjoy family-friendly humor, then check out the newest addition to ThinkingFunny.com–stories from “Problem Child – The View From The Principal’s Office.” The main character is that kid–you knew him (or you were him) who had his own desk in the principal’s office. It’s not that he was trying to be bad–quite […]

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Images of humor books by author Patrick McManus

Patrick McManus

Outdoor Humorist Patrick McManus Well, shoot, I was going to dive in tonight and get into summarizing some of the suggestions McManus had regarding humor techniques. Looks like that will have to wait. I was rereading “The Deer on a Bicycle,” and the introduction opens with his biography. I think that it bears a comment […]

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