Potential Members Preferences

Welcome to our Potential Members Preferences survery.

This is Robb Lightfoot, Director of the ThinkingFunny.com humor-writing website. To date, our efforts have been in offering great conferences. We are looking to expand our support and services to a low-cost, year-round series of enteraining podcasts, trainings, and events. You can have a voice in what we offer by taking a few moments to complete this survey.

Thanks for your time.

Robb Lightfoot

Are you interested in collaborating with other humor-writers and writing coaches. If so, what sort of services or interactions would be helpful?

What sort of help could you offer other writers who are not quite as far on their journey? (Beta-reading? Running a workshop? Hosting a meetup? Or?)

Our goal is to create a community of storytellers that use humor. Others are welcome too, such as speakers who want to add humor to their presentations. We have a limited budget at this point and could use help with our recruiting/marketing. Can you suggest clubs or social media groups?

We are looking at different business models to cover the expense of operating a members-only service. This would include substantial discounts on public-paid events and on, with free access to material not available to the public, is part of this plan. How much each month, would you be willing to pay for help with writing, editing, marketing, and self-publishing?

Thanks for your time, we're almost done. Can you please share how you heard about us or got this link/email?

Last question (and thanks again.) Assuming you want us to keep in touch, whether or not you opt-in at this point, what would be the best way to reach out with a periodic, non-spammy message?

Thanks for completing our survey. If you have any questions or suggestions, you may send the to robb@thinkingfunny.com.