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Make sure to catch our 2 pm, Pacific Time, when Jerome Kurtenbach is one of our panelists offering advice for writing lyrics for funny songs

Jerome has worked as a composer on The Simpsons, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and many Rachel Bloom projects on live, on Netflix, and for NASA. Recent film scores include Nick Demos’ Invisible and Body Electric, Sal Bardo’s Come Clean and Requited, Marco Ragozzino’s California Dreamin’, Don Lampton’s The Danny Walker Walker, and Brian Bolster’s Kay’s Gonna Be Alright. He scored/co-wrote/directed/produced Rise of the Phoenix and Dümscrolt. He scored the podcasts for Kimmy Gatewood’s Mother of All Shows, Matt Mancuso’s Agents: Declassified, and Bryan Anthos’ Our Hallowed Fruit. His concert works have premiered in the US and abroad, notably Nomadic Flight at Dusk and the opera Unleashed. He’s composer/lyricist on the musicals Outside the Lines and Spectra and the Miss Fits Right In.

Click here to register see him online via Crowdcast @ ThinkingFunny23, April 1, 2023, 8:30 am to 6 pm Pacific Time, with a 6:30-8 pm afterparty on Zoom.

Jerome also teaches aspiring lyricists comedic songwriting through the Chicago’s Second City.


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