Artwork from John Ramirez

Storyboard Artists and Animators Take Note! Disney TV’s John Ramirez to Appear at ThinkingFunny21

Visual artists can create comedy in unique ways. This offers both opportunities and challenges. John Ramirez has worked for decades in the animation industry, and branched out to designing theme park attractions, parade floats, and shows. Join us as he shares insights in visual storytelling.

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John’s work is varied and impressive, and his portfolio can be seen here.

John’s film credit include work on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King, Hercules, Toy Story II, and Tarzan. He also worked for Warner Bros. on The Zoo, The Incredible Mr. Limpet, Osmosis Jones, Looney Toons-Back in Action, The Mask, and Garfield 2.

His “Big Project Highlights” include the Chuck Jones Experience-2012, Magical Memories of the Fine Art Gallery Featuring Disney Fine Art-2017, Journey of Light Parade Chimelong Ocean Kingdom-2018, and Let’s Party Under The Sea Parade Shanghai Polar Ocean World-2019.

John’s session will include discussion about the craft techniques of visual arts and insights into visual storytelling. He’ll be answering participant’s questions, too, during this live event.

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