#HumoristsClub – Soft Launch Personal Invite

Humorists.Club artwork

Hello all.

This is a below-the radar (not easily found on the blog) invite to join us in gathering to work on our humor writing. There are two places this is happening, one public, the other private. Both are free and come with no gimmicks or come-ons to sell you anything. (Notice there are NO links to products on this page.)

There’s a public Facebook group, and I’ve started that because some people find it easier to use Facebook. But still others just hate it. I understand both positions. It’s an option. Click here to check it outif you have a Facebook account. But I strongly suggest that you do NOT post any of your work there that you hope to develop and sell elsewhere. If you want to celebrate, do a victory dance. Great. Or, you may want to show us snippets to give us a sense of your work and find writing-partners with whom you can trade pages. That’s cool, too.

There’s also a private forum over in the www.Humorists.Club forum. Now, that’s a blog that I run, and it exists alongside thinkingfunny.com. After chatting with a number of writers, I found that many wanted something free-to-use where the could find people to work with. (Or, with whom they could work, if you want to be stuffy about it.) That’s fine, too. This tool will require that you create a WordPress account–giving only your name, rank, Zodiac sign, food preferences, fingerprints….

Actually, just your name and email. Nothing else. Not one dime.

The reason I need you to have an account is so we can make this area private, exclude bots, and show rude people the door if need be. That’s it.

If you’re not sure whether you want to get involved, not until you see how this shakes out. That’s fine. You can follow us on our Facebook page, click here to view, which will have news and some craft-tips. That page is here, and our Twitter account, a newly minted creature, is @HumoristsClub.

The things is that you don’t have to be a published writer to join us, but if you have a long and varied experience writing, then that’s wonderful and most helpful. We’re also going to be looking at where the humor-market is going and try to get there before the ice cream in the trunk melts.

We hope.

So check us out. Keep an eye on us–usually a good thing with a hyperactive person like me–and join when you can. Tell your friends. The requirements are kindness, curiosity, playfulness, and a willingness to be a bit silly at times.

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