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The Story-Idea Mill

Humor Journal – 4-27-2018 I know I should be writing this week’s humor column, but I have no idea what to write. It’s easier to just put up my feet and read The Funny Times over morning at breakfast: Coffee, apple slices, coffee, pieces of cheese, and more coffee. Maybe I’ll get an idea if […]

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How Not to Name Your Dog

The Title of this column was going to be “Getting Lucky,” but I thought it might arose prurient hopes that, alas, would go begging. No, this is about how our dog went for an entire day without a name. As I’d mentioned in an earlier column, Karin has been searching the web for another dog […]

Karin gets a new dog in Chico welcome to Lucky

Welcome Lucky – A New Member of Our Family

  “What Mama Wants, Mama Gets.”  Said by any wise man who seeks marital bliss Yeah, another dog column. Those of you who’ve read some of my humor columns know that our dogs loom large in our lives. Presently, we have two old dogs and, apparently, two dogs are simply not enough. We now have […]