Problem Child Video

“They draw straws in the teacher’s lounge.” Every classroom has one, or two. That kid who can’t sit down and won’t shut up” But, really, are these kids trying to be a pain in the tail? What if you could see the world through their eyes? Take a look at Problem Child.

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KCHO Nancy's Bookshelf interview with Robb Lightfoot

Nancy’s Bookshelf #KCHO interview

Had a wonderful time chatting with Nancy and reading portions of “Potholes on Memory Lane” and “Problem Child: The View From The Principal’s Office.” This will air again this weekend on KCHO and, if it is back online, KFPR in Redding. Here’s the link to the streaming site.

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Photo of Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm You’re Wrong – Woe Isn’t Wonderful, Humor Is

I’m mad at Malcolm Gladwell. In his otherwise excellent Masterclass on writing, Malcolm Gladwell dismisses humor in a way that is weird. He opens his lesson on “Humor and Melancholy” with a bemused observation about how Americans “fetishize laughter.” As an example, he offers up the success of Jerry Seinfeld. Gladwell seems astonished that Seinfeld […]

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