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Attendees of the the humor-writing conferences are automatically entered for one year at the silver-level membership, which should give them access to almost everything on the site outside of our small-group workshops and individualized coaching sessions.

You also can gain access to our recordings and conference materials by becoming a supporter via Patreon. Here’s that link to our page. For as little as $10 a month, you can have access to these best-of-TF videos over at Patreon.

Note that a great deal of useful, free, information can be found on the site, and that access to our feedback and hangout forums on the Humorist.Club does not require payment. But you DO need to create an account on our website and login.

One last thing. Sometimes the “confirming email” feature of self-generated accounts will hiccup. Usually, the account IS created, and you can come back and try to login. If you choose the reset password option, that usually does the trick. We’re working on this, but it’s a one-time problem you’ll not face again… we hope.

Thanks for being a part of the fun.


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