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Hello all

This is a blanket message to all attendees.

Here are some things to remember that should help us all have a great event.  There’s also still time to register for the event, if you want to “bring a friend,” by clicking here.

Event Link

The event link for April 1, Saturday. https://www.crowdcast.io/c/thinkingfunny23-v2

Spread the Word

Do mention us on your feeds and any newsletters. The event is live, but people can still purchase it after the fact for viewing. 

Our Schedule

Here’s the schedule if you don’t recall your time. https://www.thinkingfunny.com/2023-event-schedule/

This link covers the entire event. You may notice that “sub-links” with the specific session, but our software will move you from one event to the next as the event unfolds. The session-specific links are used so, if you decide to watch a later recording, you can go directly to it.

A Few Tech Reminders

There is a 30-second delay between the live presentation and what attendees see on screen. I mention this because sometimes the presenter or panelist will have moved on to another point and may have to backtrack a bit to answer your question. Please be patient. We’ll do our best to make sure all questions get answered.


I have asked presenters to allow at least 5 min to answer questions. Some presenters have scripted or densely-packed sessions with a great deal of information to convey. In those cases, you are free to ask them for contact info for a followup. I encourage all attendees to post questions in the chat and upvote the ones that most interest you. You also can email questions to me, robb@thinkingfunny.com, prior to the event and I will pass them along in advance.

Panel sessions typically have 10 minutes for questions, but even in these cases we may run out of time so be sure to ask your questions early on.

That Damn Glitch

Due to a CrowdCast upgrade glitch, you may still get a reminder for the older-server’s copy of this event. Ignore it. If you do accidently click it, I’ll have a co-worker there to redirect you.

Our Community

I want to thank our presenters again for giving up their Saturday to be with us. Here’s a link to their bios.

One of the reasons we do this event is to build a community. If you’d like to meet any of the presenters or attendees, dask them in chat. If this isn’t possible, then let me know, and I’ll send them word that you’d like their email address. My default is to be protective of email addresses. Also, we’re setting up public and private forums for people to meet and share material and ideas. I know many prefer Facebook, and we have a place there, too. But the ThinkingFunny.com website is an option and something to remember in the face of unpredictable changes in the policies and “personality” of various social media.

You can become a member of the Humorists.Club for free. Just create an account at ThinkingFunny.com and navigate over to the forum area. You’ll need to sign in, and then you’ll see the private areas. The only requirement is good behavior and thoughtful comments, now and then.

Sharing Material

We’ve invited our presenters to share material, and if they do then we’ll make sure you have access to it on the website. It may be password protected, but as a paid attendee, you will be given the information. We do ask that you honor the requests made by our presenters that may limit posting of their work on the open web.


Whew, what a lot to say. I do hope you were able to look at the above and get a sense that this is a gathering of people who want to impart helpful information to people who aspire to create humor, and do better tomorrow than today. It’s also a chance to make personal and professional contacts. And, like many, ah “intimate activities”, if we’re doing in right in should be fun. 

Thanks again for helping us have fun.

Robb Lightfoot


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