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Leighann Lord Is A Very Funny Lady

We’re kicking off our Shout Out Series with a nod to one of our favorite stand-up comedians, Leighann Lord. We were fortunate enough to have her on board for ThinkingFunny21’s stand-up comic panel, and we hope to invite her back in the future. Until then, we encourage you to follow her on social media or, better yet, catch one of her live shows.

Lord’s work has won her well-deserved recognition. In 2019 she received AHA’s Humanist Arts Award. Leighann is the creator of the People with Parents podcast and is a former co-host of StarTalkRadio, with Neil de Grasse Tyson. Leighann is currently the host of Skeptical Inquirer Presents. And oh yeah, she’s a big Star Trek Fan.

Her published work includes The Great Spanx ExperimentHappy Black MenI Wish Facebook Had a Hate Button, Real Women Do It Standing Up.

Her most recent books are DICT Jokes, volume one and volume two. You can track her appearances by clicking here to view her calendar.

She also has a Dry Bar Comedy Special. Click here for information.

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