Brian Brings Robb Lightfoot onstage at the #virtualerma standup in Fall 2020

Robb’s Standup at #VirtualErma

I had a blast telling a short story, at the 2020 Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop.

“There’s Always Room At Our Table” Mom said.

The #virtualerma standup challenge was to do a coherent set in only two minutes. This was an tough nut because my work is story-based. So, I wanted to have a story, with a twist, family-friendly, and in a stand-up, audience-interaction style (I had to do it virtually because, hey, it’s 2020). Also, the 650+ attendees at the Erma conference tend towards comedy that celebrates motherhood. So, I told a story (almost exactly as it happened) about my mom trying to teach me an important life-lesson. But, as is so often the case, she had a slow study in me. 🙂