Our #TF23 #Contest #Judges

ThinkingFunny23 wants to recognize the judges who volunteered their time to select our winning humor-contest entries.

Jim Dowling

Jim Dowling has a varied background in radio production and broadcasting, teaching, and writing. Currently he co-produces Scratched-Up Radio theater at at KKRN 88.5 FM, and he has recently worked as a Field Teacher/Naturalist at WES camp, Teacher at Education Resource Center, as a Teacher at North American Wilderness Academy. His many and varied jobs have seen him work as a farm laborer, cook, and conductor with the Southern Pacific Railroad. His photographic passion leads him to spend hours in the wild capturing wildlife cameos that have won him praise and recognition. He currently lives in Redding, California, in a semi-wilderness setting that the US Post Office seems to have trouble finding.

Joe Graceffo

Joe is a screenwriter and radio dramatist. His radio play “Doubt Is Our Product,” produced by Scratched Up Radio Theater was selected for exhibition by the 2020 UK Intl. Radio Drama Festival. He also wrote and directed “Chance Reunion,” a finalist in the 2015 Bay Area Short Film Festival. He is currently writing “Side Pocket,” a feature length screenplay about a down-and-out pool player who falls for the young businesswoman orchestrating his comeback. Together he is the author of numerous screenplays, radio plays and short stories. Some of his work can be read, listened to and/or viewed at joegraceffo-writer.com.

Jim Strope

Jim is a playwright and engineer who lives in Burney, California.  He has written and produced plays, indulged in acting lessons, contests and graphics.  He is a self-confessed man about town.  



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