Tune Up Your Book Proposal With Author Coach Michael Larsen

Sell Your Book Before You Write It

How to Write a Proposal That Will Excite Agents and Editors

A Limited Enrollment Class

Saturday, May 14, 10:00-11:30

Click here to register via Crowdcast, session will be on Zoom and available for up to one year later.

One reason why now’s the best time to be a writer is that publishers buy most nonfiction from proposals. But whether you want to sell or publish your book, a proposal will help ensure your success. You will learn what to do and know to make your book as good and successful as you want it to be.

You will learn how to:

Set your literary and publishing goals

Make agents and editors to work with you

Generate maximum excitement with the fewest words

Get the best agent, editor, publisher, and deal for your book

Choose the best publishing option for you and your book

Building a career doing what you love


* The opportunity to form an instant writing community, share your idea, and discuss how to present, publish, and promote it, a fun, creative process.

* Optional: brief feedback on the first 250 words of your proposal or manuscript during or after the class. You may send your work and phone number before the class to larsenpoma@aol.com.

* Valuable handouts on the parts of a proposal, setting goals, the craft of writing, and  getting feedback.

* The chance to start a writing group.

* Free follow-up phone calls.



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