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San Francisco Writer’s Conference 2018

I’m back from #SFWC18, and I have some concise tips to share.

Among my favorite presentation were those by psychologist Dr. David Rasch,  His two presentations dealt with how writers can overcome procrastination and how to face down criticism and rejection. I have notes that I’ll share, and I just ordered his book off Amazon. Here’s a link to that, and I’ll be reviewing it, too.  Note–this is an Amazon affiliates link. So if you buy this book after using this link, I will die a rich, rich man. 🙂

The first tip I’ll mention, and there is more to come, is that you need to make it so easy to reach your goals that you can’t fail. The #1 way of doing this is to just commit to super-short writing sessions. By this, Rasch means on the order of 5-15 minutes. You can, of course, go longer. But only committing to this takes the stress out of the process, and it eliminates writing to exhaustion, what Rasch calls a binge-and-purge cycle of writing.

I’m giving it a shot, and I’ll let you know how it works out. 🙂





Hello all.

I’ve relaunched this website with new software tools and better linkages to my social media accounts.

I welcome your feedback, conversations, and company.

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